Overview of the React Courses

What you will learn

React, Part 1 of 7: React Basics

React is a Javascript library for building user interfaces. It is maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies. Our React course teaches you how to use React and why you would want to use React in your applications. It will also explain how to setup your environment, basic React syntax and making your first component.

React, Part 2 of 7: Intermediate React

Intermediate React continues exploring React by starting off with ES6 export and import statements. Next, how to do State programming, and finish with Events.

React, Part 3 of 7: City Tours Project

React knowledge from the previous two courses will be put to the test in a project for a city tours company which will be written and deployed using Netlify.

Part 4 of 7: Advanced React

Advanced React will start by discussing prop types, and why they are useful. Next, it will talk about controlled and uncontrolled inputs as well as form submission and React Fragment. It will wrap up with explaining this.setState in more detail.

React, Part 5 of 7: TODO Project

This course builds on advanced react with another project called TODO application. It has an emphasis on Controlled inputs and form submission and will also take a look at how to integrate bootstrap and deploy using continuous deployment.

React, Part 6 of 7: Food2Fork Project

This course will build out a a single page recipe application called Food2Fork. It will make good use of React life cycle methods and how React router delivers user experience.

React, Part 7 of 7: Tech Store Intro

This course uses all the skills so far from previous course in an e commerce project called Tech Store. It will also interlace some external packages and services for form submission.

Course Details

React Course Requirements

Basic HTML,CSS and Javascript knowledge • ES6 is a plus

Meet The Expert

John Smilga

John Smilga is a Front-End Web Developer in the Los Angeles Area. John has a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Development. He spends most of his time working with Javascript, CSS3, and HTML5, and he is passionate about everything related to web development. He learns from the community and loves to share with the community what he has learned. He strives to explain very complex topics in a simple manner that everyone can understand.

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Course Curriculum

Part 1 of 7: React Basics

Part 2 of 7: Intermediate React

Part 3 of 7: City Tours Project

Part 4 of 7: Advanced React

Part 5 of 7: TODO Project

Part 6 of 7: Food2Fork Project

Part 7 of 7: Tech Store Intro

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