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During a recent survey it was found that companies who invested in employee training saw an average 24% growth in profit.

Did you know 35% of millennials consider comprehensive training and development programs as the top benefit they would want from a company?

Staff feel they cannot develop within a company and are 12 times more likely to leave.


Your business will benefit from studying with ITonlinelearning

You get a boosted return on investment

You organisation will enjoy an excellent return on investment with our cost saving, online, training packages which can be personally tailored to each member of staff ensure each individual receives the help they need to gain new skills or improve on their existing skills whilst also achieving world recognised certification. Having a skilled workforce will significantly impact your companies performance, which also results in a long-term return on investment.

Online learning is convenient and flexible

We offer a bespoke training solution that can be tailored for each team’s specific needs. Our training courses will allow your team members to organise their study time so that it fits with their work schedule. With our training courses team members will be able to stop, or continue studying, whenever it is convenient. Take control of your workforces learning journey and let us help you create a package that offers not only convenience for you, but a package that meets your business’s requirements with our flexible approach to corporate training.

Self-paced learning

With 24/7 access to courses, team members are able to study at their own pace, meaning that they can book their exams when they feel that they are ready. They also have the opportunity to take part in courses that they can pause, fast-forward or rewind to make sure they get the most of their learning experience.

Online training costs are lower than classroom

To ensure you get the most out of your companies training investment, we offer significant discounts for 5+ users and even further discounts for more users. This means we can offer a fantastic cost per employee, you can train your entire workforce with our corporate training solutions as well as have total control over the training too. We offer not only a diversity of courses, such as IT Technical and Project Management courses, but courses at competitive prices.

Less workplace interruption

With the added benefit of studying from home, employees will have a learning environment that won’t affect their work performance. This means that you won’t have staff who get pulled away from work to attend class far away, which results in less downtime at the office.

Track staff study progress

Our Learning Management System will enable you to manage and set-up users with their chosen courses, as well as monitor your teams study progress either at a quick glance or by printing out study progress reports when needed.

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Our Corporate Advisor will provide insight and company training advice for your team
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